Case Studies:

Case 13: February 02, 2005: Detail Design Documentation of Online Career Fair Management System using SSAD Methodology.

The Detail Design Documentation of Online Career Fair Management System was prepared using Structured System Analysis and Design ( SSAD) methodology which  includs E-R and DFD Diagrams. 

Case 12: January 28, 2005: Detail Design of Auction Site ( with Dutch and English ) using            OOAD Methodology for Java, Struts, JSP, Tomcat and  SOAP development environment.

The design documentation consist of Actors, Use Cases, Use Case Diagram, System  Use Case Specification, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Class Diagram, State Run  Chart Diagram and Table Design with normalization.

Case 11: December 22, 2004: Project Plan , Estimation, Tasks, Risk and Risk Management.

Information System building requires Estimation of efforts, Project Plan and Management of risks.

The work involves to identification of Project Tasks, estimates of efforts , Project Plan using MS Project, identification of Critical Tasks, Impact analysis , Management and Risk Matrix Preparation.

Supporting artifacts prepared are Gantt Chart, Network Diagram and Resource Usage.

Case 10: December 14, 2004: QA-Test and PC Audit Guidelines:

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Guidelines described for SQA Group, SQA Plan Version Control, Testing Plan, Test Cases, Bug List Data Base, Change Request, Deployment and Post Deployment Audit.

Case 9: December 11, 2004: Designing Information System using OOAD:

The Information Design is for Building Construction Company at UK.

The deliverables were Detail Design Document using Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) methodology using Rational Rose as Modeling Tool.

The Diagrams needed were Use Case , Sequence, Collaboration, Class and State Chart. Table Design with constrains were also part of the requirement.

Case 8: December 01, 2004: Comparison of two E-Commerce products.

The two E-Commerce products was related to Shopping cart.

One of the product was built on J2EE based platform and is heavy duty, scalable and option to integrate with various databases ( Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MYSQL), CRM , warehouse , ERP and Application Servers ( Weblogic, Apache Tomcat or Websphere). The presentation layer was developed using with JSP , HTML , XML, MXML.

The report highlighted all the features of each product and marked as great, good, ok, or bad.

The report recommended the best product after evaluating strengths and weaknesses and considering Return On Investment.

Case 7: October 14, 2004: SAP ABAP/4 (4.3C) Standard Question Set.

SAP ABAP/4 (4.3C) Standard Question Set was designed to test Practical Capability of the Candidate for the programming in the language. The Question set was of 40 Questions (16 Basic, 16 Intermediate and 8 Advance). Each Question has multiple choices to pick answer from

Case 6: September 11, 2004: BPO Consultancy : CISCO Technical Support

The assignment was to select Top Five BPO Vendors to support CISCO Technical help desk from India. The assignment was to collect, analyze and present the evaluation process in report form.

Case 5: September 08, 2004: Improvement of Recruitment Process

Existing Recruitment Process was analyzed after taking feedback from the various stakeholders like Ministry of Education, Civil and Services and consumer of the process like Head Teachers and Director Generals of the education department.

Improvements are suggested in the process.

Case 4: August 22, 2004: Technical Article : Software Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management (SCM) Working Instructions, SCM Specialist Working Instructions, Software Developer Working Instructions Manuals

Case 3: August 16,2004: Technical Article: Bug Management in BPO Environment

This article tries to address Bug Life Cycle in product Maintenance at high level in offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) environment for small and medium sized organizations. Key practices with respect to Bug, Reporting, Change Request, Fixing, Testing, releasing, Deployment, Closing, Configuration management, Project Management and Issues are covered using the practical experience of the author with respect to CMM Processes, Practices and tools like Visual SourceSafe for version control, Microsoft Project for Project Management, and Excel for Bugs Database. We assume the reader of this article is aware about the practices of bug detection and fix in operational software product.

Case 2: August 08,2004: Technical Article: Software Development in BPO Environment

Web based services connect service providers and buyers on one platform, so marketing practices are growing web based with out physical meetings of the buyer and seller. These practices bring in new needs of process orientation in services to minimize risk without cost and time overrun in software Development offshore Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This article assumes target audience of small and medium buyer and seller involved in this type of work. We tried to explain how better mix of code and process centric approach is beneficial to this type of environment. High level of abstract model is presented. Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) preliminary knowledge is assumed.

Case 1: August 01, 2004: BPO Consultancy: Credit Collection.

The assignment was to select Top Five BPO Vendors to support Credit Collection Back office work from India. The assignment was to collect, analyze and present the evaluation process in report form.

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