The Rational Unified Process:
  • wThe Rational Unified Process is a means of achieving Best Practices
  • wProcess guides a team on what to do, how to do it, and when to do it
  • wBest Practices guide software engineering by addressing root causes

1. The Rational Unified Process has four phases:

§Inception - Define the scope of project
§Elaboration - Plan project, specify features, baseline architecture
§Construction - Build the product
§Transition - Transition the product into end user community
2. Best Practices


3. UML: One Language for All Practitioners:

4. Continuously Verify Your Software’s Quality:

5. Test All Dimensions of Software Quality

6. Test Each Iteration:
An Iteration is a distinct sequence of activities based on an established plan and evaluation criteria, resulting in an executable release (internal or external).


6. Iterative Development Produces an Executable

7. Workflows Produce Models

8. Bringing It All Together: The Iterative Approach

9. Notation

10. Overview of Rational Unified Process


11. Roles Are Used for Resource Planning


12. Roles Perform Activities and Produce


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